About Me

I have a bunch of degrees and so do thermometers.

That said, I have a Master’s degree from the University of South Dakota in Addiction Studies.  I have a Bachelor’s degree from Sam Houston State University in Substance Abuse Counseling and an Associate’s degree in Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counseling from McLennan Community College.

march 2015 050

I am licensed and certified in Arkansas and Texas.  In Arkansas, I have an LADAC and a CADC.  In Texas, I have an LCDC and an ADC.  (Wow, what an alphabet soup!)  I also have a certification in tobacco cessation (M-TTS) and a NAADAC certification to do DOT/SAP assessments.

march 2015 091

I am also a person that has been in recovery for a number of years.  I stopped drinking and using drugs in November 1993, with a bit of encouragement from a number of different quarters including my employer, my family, a doctor, a lawyer and a judge.  I like to say that I was on a scholarship program.  I still attend meetings of a 12-step group and think that it has helped me, a lot.


I like my life.  It is not something that I could say years ago.  Today I have issues in areas where before I did not have any areas.  My truck could use a bath, so could the dog.  But, my wife and daughter are not ever scared that I won’t be coming home at night, or afraid that I might.

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