Hi.   This is my home page.  Please take a look around, especially at the list of blog posts to your right.—————–>

Click the link below for my new video on DOT SAP Services

New video on DOT SAP Services

I hope that you can find something of interest there.  If you do,or not, please let me know and I will get back to you, either her in cyberspace or in real time.

Brief introduction.

I am a self-employed substance abuse counselor in North Little Rock, AR.  In addition to individual substance abuse counseling, I offer a range of other services, including DOT/SAP Evaluations and a Substance Education Class.

These are “clickable” links to some of my social media pages.





I am also beginning to turn up in print:

Medicine Cabinet Drugs

Cinnamon to Stop Smoking

I rent office space from the First Presbyterian Church and they have a lot of really great stuff going on.

1st Presbyterian

I appreciate any comments, even snarky ones, as all feedback is valuable to me in making constant improvements and polishing my craft.

Arkansas Counselor

To check out ratings on my services, check out this:

Healthgrades Link

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