We are moving to GA

My sweet and darling wife has promoted into a position as a labor law attorney at Ft. Stewart, GA and we will be relocating shortly after my daughter completes her school year.

North Little Rock has been a great place for us.  We will miss our friends, classmates, co-workers and neighbors.

Contacting me will remain very easy as I am keeping the same phone number and email address:  (501) 478-0182 and christopherhgerhart@gmail.com.

I have filed articles of incorporation in Georgia with the same business name and will dissolve my LLC in AR.   My last full day at the North Little Rock location will be Saturday, May 19, 2018.  I have signed a lease on a place in Richmond Hill, GA; but, I have not yet gotten a business license there as I am waiting for the registration process of my Georgia-based LLC.

Namaste, Chris

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