Blessed to be Alive

On Friday last week, I was involved in a collision at 65 MPH.  I was headed south on a four-lane highway, in the right lane, cruise control set at 65, speed limit 70 in a 2010 Grand Marquis.  I was hit, ever so gently, by a lady in a Kia Sorento, on the door and just above the rear wheel well.  She had drifted into my lane as she was passing.

The only apparent damage to my vehicle, and hers, looks like it could have been done by a shopping cart in the grocery store parking lot.  A good wash and wax should take care of most of the damage.

As someone who has persistently struggled with faith, this was just another evidence that something bigger was looking out for me.  I might be mistaken; but, thinking a bit differently makes me appreciate living the life that I have just a little bit more.


I am centrally located in North Little Rock’s Argenta District, at the corner of 4th and Maple Streets, on the back side of the First Presbyterian Church.  Although I rent office space from the church, my business is not a faith-based enterprise.SAP North Little Rock Location

GPS does pretty good directions to 201 West 4th Street, North Little Rock, AR 72114.

From I-30, take the Broadway exit and head West, past Verizon Arena.  Cross both Main and Maple Streets (both have traffic lights) and turn Right on Orange Street.  Take Orange North, crossing 4th and turn right onto the alley.  You will see a large vacant lot and a community garden on your right.  Park in the lot and walk down the alley towards Maple.  Enter through the second door, below the sign for Infrared Studios.  This is the door.

Counselor Drug Little Rock


If you are using the bus, take either the 4 or 10 routes.  Inbound the bus runs directly in front of the church, on Maple Street.  Outbound, it is on Main, one block East.  The Blue Line (trolley) also runs on Maple with stops at both Broadway and 6th Street.

Unfortunately, there is not a bicycle rack; however, if you are on a bike, I am sure that we can find some way to secure it, provided that you have a lock, and a bike of course. I am not so sure about personal helicopters, jet packs or teleportation devices; but, if that is what you are driving and you want to come see me, bring it on.

See you there, Chris

Addiction Counselor North Little Rock SAP sign

Substance Education Class

I am starting a Substance Education Class on February 23, 2016. This is something intended for first time, low-level offenders that have had relatively minor drug-related infractions such as possession, public intoxication, etc. I taught a similar class for an agency in North Little Rock for a number of years and it seemed to make a difference in some peoples’ lives to have some information as part of their consequences, in addition to fines, incarceration and community service.


Substance Education Class
Offered by Christopher Gerhart, LLC
401 West 4th Street
North Little Rock, AR 72114
(501) 478-0182
High quality, three-hour substance abuse education classes.
$50 per class
I take cash, money orders or credit cards.
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00-noon
Unless you have pre-paid, plan to arrive by 8:45 AM.
Nobody will be admitted after 9:00 AM
On bus and trolley lines.
From Little Rock, take Route 4 or 10, outbound, stop at 4th and Main, walk one block west.
From North Little Rock, take Route 4 or 10, stop at 4th and Maple.
The Blue line runs in front of the building, stops at Maple and 6th, or Maple and Broadway.
If you are driving, there is a large, free parking lot behind the church. The easiest way to get there is from Orange Street.
Enter through the door on the alley that runs between Maple and Orange, below the sign for Infrared Studios.
Although I rent office space from the First Presbyterian Church, I am in no way affiliated with the church, nor is this a religious program.
Classes start February 23, 2016

Having taught a class like this, I was always amazed at how many people in the community would approach me at the grocery store, hardware store or many other public places and comment on how that class had an effect in their lives.  Sometimes they had a change pretty quickly, others not so much; but, it did plant a seed.

I also offer private, confidential substance abuse counseling services including a range of assessments, individual counseling and tobacco cessation services.

DOT SAP Evaluations

One of the areas of my business where I have seen some growth is providing DOT/SAP evaluations.  Quite simply it works like this:

  1.  A person in a safety-sensitive position has a positive drug screen.
  2. They are removed from that position by their employer, fired or suspended.
  3. They are then referred to a person known as a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) for an evaluation.
  4. The evaluation includes an assessment, several screening instruments, developing a treatment plan and referral to a service provider.  At a minimum, a person that violates a substance abuse rule must complete an educational program, usually 9-12 hours in length.
  5. After the client has completed the required program, they are re-evaluated to determine the need, if any, for further services.  At this point a final evaluation is made and a specific recommendation for a testing schedule is made to the employer.

Anyhow, I really like doing these evaluations.  It is kind of like getting a survey done on a boat or a pre-purchase  inspection done on a house in that the person making the assessment is not the person, or agency, providing the service or making the repair.

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Reviewing the Situation

A month into my own business and I am just beginning to be profitable.  I have paid the rent for February and have already had paying customers this month.  The mixture of excitement and terror about making my own way is nearly an addiction of it’s own.

Most of the business I have had so far has come from my online presence and advertising.  When I started laying the groundwork for this venture in November and December, I got myself this website, a facebook account and gmail.  I already had a linked-in page; but, had not done much with it.

I figured out that whenever I post so much as a photograph, I need to tag it with something related to my business using a number of key words such as counselor, substance abuse, North Little Rock.  There is some sort of algorithm that is used to figure out which posts get put on top.  Some of it has to do with the number of views; but, some of it is promoted by meeting certain criteria.

One thing that I need to do is make a youtube video that promotes my business.  I have been told that I have a face for radio, so I may use my daughter’s stuffed animals as prospective clients seeking services.

Anyway, that’s about all for now.  I have to get back to actual work so that I can keep this thing going.